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Awesome Destiny Live Action Trailer with VFX and Parody

I’ll admit that I’m part of the group that easily falls into the marketing hype of a game (AAA games). That’s why,after watching this live action trailer I’m saving up to buy the game!

Awesome Destiny Live Action Trailer with VFX - Pixelsmithstudios

For those who havent heard of Destiny yet, where have you been! Marketing for this game have been off the charts (Youtube channels,gamers punting it,ads everywhere) and apparently they made their production cost back on the first day of sales (around $200 million).

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Animation Workshop from International Pro’s – JHB & Cape Town

BIG NEWS for anyone in Cape Town wanting to attend Clive Endersby’s Masterclass workshop on 27th & 28th of September… You can now get it at a HUGELY discounted price! Scroll down for pricing information and more info on the massive workshop line up of well known pro’s in the industry. Be sure to scroll down to have a look!


Also, just to wet your appetites, major studios have banded together to get this masterclass series started so you know things are getting interesting!

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Interview with Mind’s Eye Creative Animation Studio

Minds Eye Creative is a local animation studio in Johannesburg who have an impressive portfolio of clients and skills. They’ve recently contributed to Pixelsmithstudios to help us with our crowdfunding campaign and that shows a rare quality of helping others in the animation industry.I applaud Minds Eye Creative for the dedication and resources that they pool in the local animation industry to help it grow. That’s why I didn’t think twice about asking for an interview.

Minds Eye Creative Team Interview

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Hodor Illustration Collection

Hodor and Grood are definitly one of my favorite characters, most likely because their “dialogue” cracks me up. I am impressed however how much character they have with these small dialogues and how massive their fan bases are. For today we’re going to publish our favorite Hodor illustrations, have fun and let us know if we missed any!

Hodor Illustration Collection

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