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Featured Illustrator – Eric Heyman

Eric Heyman is our featured Illustrator this month and he’s based in Cardiff , Wales. He was a professional firefighter but took early retirement (and that great daring step that most can’t) to pursue his goal of becoming an illustrator. We found Eric Heyman sharing some great illustrations on twitter and with great suprise learned that he’s completely self taught.

Safari  - Eric Heyman

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Mr Peabody and Sherman Animation

“Mr. Peabody & Sherman” is an upcoming full-length computer-animated film based on characters of the animated series “The Rocky and Bulwinkle Show”. It is directed by Rob Minkoff who is famous as co-director of “The Lion King” and “Stuart Little”.

Mr Peabody and Sherman Animation - Head

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The Lego Movie Animation Movie – Warner Bros

The Lego Movie hit the scenes on February 27th 2014 and I’m really keen to go watch the movie. For now I’ll put down some interesting facts and a trailer if you havent heard about the movie yet.

The Lego Animation Movie - Warner Bros 

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A Girl Named Elastika – Short Stop Motion by Guillaume Blanchet

A girl named Elastika is a pin/elastik stop motion creation by the talented Guillaume Blanchet. The adventure starts with Elastika defying the odds of what girls normally do everyday . She’s a skycraper parkour, drives way  too fast, sailing a ship, looking for Wilson and more! Have a look at this amazing stop motion video and you’ll see the hours of dedication it had to take to get this done.

A Girl Named Elastika - Short Stop Motion by Guillaume Blanchet

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