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  • When Animation Saved The World - SHELL Getting Pounded
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    When Animation Saved The World – SHELL Getting Pounded

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    It just makes my day when beloved companies just become cooler by taking on the big guns a.k.a SHELL by using their brand to create awareness and exposing big corporate deals to the public. Just quickly wanted to post these three animation videos I found made specifically to combat SHELL drilling in the arctic. Besides…

  • Moosebox 8-bit Animation chosen for development by Nickelodeon
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    Local Moosebox 8bit Animation chosen by Nickelodeon

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    What you haven’t heard of this? Then let me be the bearer of amazing news! “Moosebox” is a 8-bit style 2D animation created by Mike Scott and produced at Triggerfish Animation Studios for Nickelodeon. The short is quirky,has loads of gaming and retro references plus has a few tongue in the cheek moments which make…

  • The Boxtrolls Trailer and Behind the Scenes by LAIKA Studios
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    The Boxtrolls Trailer and Behind the Scenes by LAIKA Studios

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    Laika studios,creator of Paranorman and Coraline) brings us another stop-motion animation masterpiece called “The Boxtrolls”. The Boxtrolls is the story of an orphan who is adopted by mischievous,quirky creatures in boxes…called the boxtrolls! These misfits lovingly raise the orphan as one of their own and gave him a name,Eggs, who lives with them in their homey…

  • Animation Workshop from the Pro's - Mike de Seve
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    Animation Workshop from International Pro’s – JHB & Cape Town

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    BIG NEWS for anyone in Cape Town wanting to attend Clive Endersby’s Masterclass workshop on 27th & 28th of September… You can now get it at a HUGELY discounted price! Scroll down for pricing information and more info on the massive workshop line up of well known pro’s in the industry. Be sure to scroll…

  • Minds Eye Creative Interview
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    Interview with Mind’s Eye Creative Animation Studio

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    Minds Eye Creative is a local animation studio in Johannesburg who have an impressive portfolio of clients and skills. They’ve recently contributed to Pixelsmithstudios to help us with our crowdfunding campaign and that shows a rare quality of helping others in the animation industry.I applaud Minds Eye Creative for the dedication and resources that they pool…

  • Rest in peace Robin Williams
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    Genie You’re Free – Rest in Peace Robin Williams

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    So while climbing out of bed this morning my wife gave a sigh and told me that Robin Williams was found dead. I stood on the spot for a few seconds and all my favourite Robin Williams movies flashed before me ; Aladdin (Genie), Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire, Patch Adams and more… It was a shock…

  • Test-Footage-for-Deadpool-Movie-Leaked-Ryan-Reynolds
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    Test Footage for Deadpool Movie Leaked

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    So for those who havent heard or seen it yet, Fox officially released and retracted a test footage clip for Deadpool (the movie!). Theories range from marketing stunts, accidental post and video leaks but as far as we know Fox released it and Blur Studios ( People who created the amazing CGI) published it. The…

  • Death Metal Batman Animation Music Video
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    Death Metal Batman Animation Music Video

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    I’ve re-watched this Batman Death Metal Animation music video a hundred times and It still gets a chuckle out of me. ArhyBES created a music video for Dethklok and it went viral ever since. I just love the humour in the animation and that it pokes fun at the always cool and calm Batman character….

  • Isometric Animated Video and the Toxic Vortex
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    Isometric Animated Video and the Toxic Vortex

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    I’ve stumbled on isometric illustrations and animations a while back and since then I’ve enjoyed the style. There’s nothing that sticks home more than a well executed animated video that delivers a message. The voice acting is clear and flows seamlessly with the animation. Plus the videos talk about a plastic toxic vortex in the…

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