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Camilo asked 3 months ago

Question for animators or people that have done a rotoscopy: Is it possible to adjust a rotoscopy with another quality of render? I mean, I worked on a resolution of 1080×720 (that’s the quality that the client sent me first), and now the VFX director wants a quality of 2048×1536 (shot with ARRI Alexa). I tried to distort the clips because the rotoscpy is already done and replace the clips with the correct quality, but it’s not working. Is there any solution or anybody knows what to do in this case?

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Wicus answered 3 months ago

The aspect ratio is different between 1080×720 and 2048×1536. So you can’t just scale your roto up. The only solution is to scale the plate to fit into the aspect ratio of 1080×720 and then to scale your roto up to match. However, I’d ask for the roto to be re-done if it’s my shot. Especially if it’s detailed roto.

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