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Best school for Animation and 3D Modeling

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Lisa asked 8 months ago

MY son is getting ready to graduate with an AS in Media arts, he is going to transfer to get his BA or BS. My question does it matter in the industry if he gets his degree at a regionally or nationally accredited school?  That would mean the difference between a University or a Private career oriented school

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Chad answered 8 months ago

I would say that it depends on where her son wants to work one day, answer that question first and then decide. in my opinion people should be using the internet to learn
, its far more cost effective and teaches you a lot more and the lessons on these websites is what most places use to teach their students anyway (correct me if that is incorrect), most companies in the industry look at your showreel, and not your diploma/degree. for motion graphics related studies I think SVA in new york is the best, I dont know of a place in SA that is as good. but if you want to work for places like pixar then
is your best bet (but bare in mind you have to be the best of the best)

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