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Blizzard’s drawing-like animations?

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Topi asked 1 month ago

Hey Everyone,
I would like to ask you about the animations Blizzard makes.
The animation type I’m talking about is the old, paper and pencil” drawing-like animations.Like in this video. (from 0:21).
Fyi, I don’t really know anything about animations, I want to hire someone to make me a short animation for a project of mine but unfortunately I don’t find any company who makes animation like this (just drawing like pictures with a little moves in it).
Thank you for your help guys.
Wishes you the best:                                            Topi

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Nick van dyk answered 1 month ago

Hi I believe I might be able to help out with this Please drop me an email or give me a call on 0824486494

Topi answered 1 month ago

Thank you for the reply Nick!
Unfortunately I can’t find your email addres, so here is mine: please message me so we can get in contact. 

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