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IanIan Macdonald asked 7 months ago

Hi All   I am busy modeling the Tag Heaur connected watch and having problems in some area of modeling. First is the watch strap, i cant just boolean the holes out, it doesnt seem to edge the cylenders out, it just makes holes and i need to keep the pieces of cylinder that cross sections to the strap, how does one approach a boolean problem? below link to pic of watch

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Neal answered 7 months ago

Try this tutorial by Cobus van Staden –

Ian answered 7 months ago

Many thanks –> will need more assitance in the futye 🙂 the watch is proving to be tricky

JustinJustin Fuller answered 7 months ago

I find importing vector shapes and then surface (planar) filling them (and extrude from there) a lot easier than having to deal with boolean problems.. But thats just me..


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