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Michael Rauwerdink CG Artist For Snailboy

Michael Rauwerdink is a Computer Graphics artist from Cape Town we’ve recently met on twitter and after having a chat he mentioned that he worked on a indie puzzle platform game, Snailboy, as the CG artist. He generally loves anything CG animated related so it was right up his alley. Be sure to check out the Snailboy character animation and skin texture video in this article.

Michael Rauwerdink CG Artist - Snailboy

As always guys we love featuring your work so please send them our way via Twitter or our contact form!

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Using Pixel Art In Gaming – Dungeon Village

I’ve somehow dropped on Dungeon Village in the Google play store when I was looking for a fun sim type game. I installed it and ever since I’ve been hooked on their well thought out and fun games (yes games are meant to be fun). Kairosoft has currently released a range of titles for the android platform and they’re using pixel art for their game design. I’ve always loved pixel art and that’s why we decided to feature Kairosoft and their fun and visually appealing style.

Using Pixel Art In Gaming - Dungeon Village - Android

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League of Legends – Game Cinematics History

League of Legends, i’m sure most of you have heard of this popular RTS and RPG blend, well you should have since its reaching 5 million concurrent players (March 18 2013 stats)! As always what grips me the most are the game cinematics companies roll out for their games. League of Legends (LoL) has rolled out three (LOL,Dominion and the latest A Twist of Fate) game cinematics and we thought it would be pretty interesting to list them.

League of Legends Game Cinematics History

It’s fascinating to see how styles,techniques and technology has progressed between the three (more or less a year apart from each other). We listed the latest game cinematic first, then the second one and lastly the first cinematic. As a special we also embedded the behind the scenes of A Twist of Fate. Read moreRead more


Animation Game Trailer for Plants vs Zombies 2- It’s About Time

“It’s About Time” is literally the new name for the long awaited sequel to the much loved casual game “Plants versus Zombies”. We especially loved the style used for the animation in their new trailer to re-introduce Crazy Dave and the new plants as well as the level of creativity and design in their stages and the overall game. The animation also gives you an idea where the story line is headed , but still enough to keep you guessing and the design is well thought out and looks really good…we loves us some eye-candy!

Animation Game Trailer for Plants vs. Zombies 2- It's About Time Title

On July 18 PopCap will be releasing the next installment Plants vs Zombies 2 and it will have everything the previous game had with plants protecting your lawn from crazy,hungry (but lovable) zombies to new pirate and Egyptian zombies (and more)! Get your lawn ready, its time for a new wave of cone-wearing,pogo-jumping,monster-zombie riding, pirate-arrring adventure!

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