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Animator Mike Scott Interview – Honorable Mention

The first time I learned about Mike Scott was when I saw the Goldfish animated music videos. The style was different than what I normally experienced and the script of the animation was always classic or extremely far out (which I loved). That’s why when I went to go watch his work on youtube for the millionth time ( I basically have most of his videos on loop) I took the chance of contacting Mike.

Animator Mike Scott Interview - Honorable Mention

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STASIS Game Designer – Christopher Bischoff – Honorable Mention

Over the last couple of years we have seen quite a number of interesting games appear on the crowd funding website: Kickstarter. I like to go there now and then to check out the newest campaigns since I’m interested in the process of game development. The latest game to catch my eye is the locally developed Stasis, a dark, sci-fi, isometric adventure game set in space.

STASIS Game Designer - Christopher Bischoff - Honorable Mention

With beautiful visuals, an interesting setting and theme, it looked promising enough to get my attention. I’ve been lucky enough to get an interview with the team at The Brotherhood, where they gave me a behind the scenes look at the creation of the game.

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Interview with Anthony Silverston – Animation Producer, Writer and Director

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Anthony Silverston (and awarding him on our Honorable Mention section!). Anthony is a writer,producer and director at Triggerfish Studios and he’s been working hard to get where he is today. His creativity in Khumba and Zambezia is truly inspiring and the journeys he takes you on with his animations are breathtaking.
Interview with Anthony Silverston - Animation Producer, Writer and Director -Honorable Mention
Read through our interview with Anthony to learn more about him and the animation industry in South Africa. Enjoy!

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Jeffrey Brown Illustrator of Darth Vader and Son – Honorable Mention

Jeffrey Brown has his fingers in all the pies and he’s extremely talented to boot. One of his books which really caught our attention was his series called “Darth Vader and Son” which tackles the everyday conversations and happenings between father and son, but Darth Vader style.

Jeffrey Brown Illustrator of Vader's little princess - Honorable Mention March

-Vader’s Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown

What surprised us even more was his new series “Vader’s Little Princess” which looks just as promising and entertaining as the previous series. We can’t wait to get our hands on both books! Without further ado, we give you our honorable mention interview with the legendary and talented Jeffrey Brown.

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