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We are looking for a senior agile certified project manager to manage the he’ll out of our projects. If this sounds like your particular brand of vodka email your CV to

The Senior Agile Project Manager has day-to-day responsibility for the efficient completion of the company’s current projects, with a focus on to-budget, to-quality and to-deadline delivery, all while creating an environment of empowerment and engagement with the team members.

The role of Senior Agile Project Manager is critical to BNRY’s completion of work and retention of clients, and requires an overarching strategic understanding of why and how we are involved in each project. Importantly for our clients, this includes how much a project will cost and when it will be delivered.

This is achieved by bringing the creative, technical and operations teams together by leading, empowering, and facilitating communication between colleagues at all levels.

Direct report: Managing Director

Essential Experience:

  • Formal training (i.e. certification) in project management.
  • Degree (or equivalent) in Information Systems or related fields a plus
  • 5+ years experienced managing large scale projects in the IT industry

Desired Experience :

  • 2+ years experienced in managing Agile projects
  • Agile certification
  • Experience in UX integration with IT software projects
  • Exposure to both Waterfall and Agile (Scrum and Kanban) projects

Essential Skills:

  • Project management experience specifically in software development
  • Ability to break down a project into a set of deliverables and scope items in appropriate project phases and releases
  • Ability to elicit accurate delivery estimations from developers, creatives and strategists
  • Ability to manage the resourcing of individuals across several concurrent projects, and shuffle ad hoc work requests
  • Software testing, particularly system integration and user testing
  • Excellent communication skills with developers, management and clients, recognising that each group has different communication needs and styles
  • Inter-team conflict resolution
  • MS Office proficiency, including: Excel, Sharepoint, Outlook, Word
  • Obsessive eye for detail
  • Calm and stable under pressure
  • Ability to work autonomously with speed, focus and efficiency, balancing a significant amount of information and interruptions without being overwhelmed
  • Ability to intuitively understand the most important tasks to be completed on a project, and so to prioritise tasks and projects effectively so that time is allocated where it is most needed

Desired Skills:

  • Experience in invoicing and quoting clients
  • Scrum Master experience
  • Product Owner experience
  • Client stakeholder expectation management
  • Client workshop facilitation

Core Responsibilities:

  • Manage and deliver projects (e.g. website development, banner advertising, software development etc.) to agreed scope, timings, budget and quality.
  • Serve as the hub of communication for a project, and so keep in regular contact with both internal and external teams engaged in delivering the project.
  • Create and manage robust and realistic documents and processes to improve project status accuracy, and efficient delivery.
  • Produce realistic timings for each project with clearly flagged milestones, log risks to create a mitigation plan and actively mitigate against those risks.
  • Know the status of timings, key milestones, budgets, resourcing etc. for each project at all times.
  • Assess the time and financial impact of changes and communicates these internally and to clients as appropriate.
  • Be positive and a force for good in the agency, even when faced with difficult problems.
  • Drive quality at every stage of each project.
    Serve as the custodian for all projects and tasks in the studio to ensure they follow the agreed-upon development and delivery processes.
  • Champion the enhancing of current processes, and keep an eye out for new tools, techniques and processes for BNRY to adopt.
  • Manage the time and workflow of junior project management colleagues, and develop their skillset through setting of performance goals
  • Know when to manage upwards, raising the alarm at the right time to the right people when issues occur.
  • Have sensitivity to the pressures faced by clients and work with them, not against them.
    Communicate regularly, and do not avoid difficult conversations
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that relevant clients and agency team members are updated on project developments like changes in timing, costs and any issues arising.
  • Be prepared and able to defend agency position and profit margin internally and externally.
    Proactively suggest solutions to team challenges.
  • Be firm but fair in situations of scope creep or late delivery, understanding the constraints and challenges experienced by internal teams and clients.
  • Provide support to colleagues where necessary.
  • Act professionally at all times
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration by empowering internal teams to collaborate independently
  • Work with internal teams to define project scope, resource requirements and cost estimates for projects

EQ (Self Development):

  • Have the ability to detect emotional reactions in others, but maintain the ability to step back and find a drama-free solution to a problem.
  • Take initiative to develop and grow in key areas of project management and self.
  • Proactively communicates the need for support to Managing Director.
  • Leads from the front to deliver quickly and with amazing quality.
  • Have empathy for the stressful work environment your colleagues work in and provide them with enough capacity to recharge and refuel between projects to ensure they do not burn out.
  • Identify hot spots and issues, and facilitate resolution of issues at all levels in the business

To apply for this job email your details to