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A Game of Social Thrones – Tribute to Game of Thrones

Hootsuite has created an amazing tribute to Game of Thrones by creating a similar intro style map (as in Game of Thrones) to different social media platforms. The guys at Hootsuite seem to dig Game of Thrones as they’ve been creating Game of Throne montages for quite a while now. Some clever marketing with some great visuals make for a great marketing campaign.

A Game of Social Thrones Tribute to Game of Thrones

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Intricacies Of Character Design For Video Games

When dealing with character design, it’s important to remember that looks aren’t everything. A true gamer doesn’t just want flashy visuals but a realistic sense of the world structure in which their game is taking place. Whether designers do their concept sketches before or after their character templates, it’s important to not only have interesting and visually appealing creatures but to breathe life into them with personality, culture, history, and of course function. Designing creatures is a lot more complex than just drawing a picture, making a 3D model, and inserting it into the world setting.

Intricacies Of Characther Design For Video Games

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Three Things we Lost When Animation Went Digital

Animation, as it is today, has a rich history, in terms of its’ evolution and development, with many technological and artistic contributing factors, stretching over a span of centuries, with the help of human genius along the way.

Three Things we Lost When Animation Went Digital - Cel versus digital animation

When we think of animation, we often think of Walt Disney or Max Fleisher, but the true birth of animation, as a concept, took place years before the early 1900s, more accurately dating back to the early 1800s when Peter Roget granted the British Royal Society his paper, ‘The Persistence of vision with regard to moving object’, which was followed by various alternatives and improvements that have led us into this age of digital animation. While digital animation has proved its ability to produce otherworldly works of art, traditional animation, characterized by charms of its’ own, introduced us to some elements that are absent in the former, and certainly missed.

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Animator Mike Scott Interview – Honorable Mention

The first time I learned about Mike Scott was when I saw the Goldfish animated music videos. The style was different than what I normally experienced and the script of the animation was always classic or extremely far out (which I loved). That’s why when I went to go watch his work on youtube for the millionth time ( I basically have most of his videos on loop) I took the chance of contacting Mike.

Animator Mike Scott Interview - Honorable Mention

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