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June 15, 2012

5 Tips For Capturing A Perfect Baby Moment!

Taking photos of babies is simply irresistible. They do the cutest things, and make the most adorable facial expressions. Considering the fact that babies grow so fast, capturing them at their most innocent moments is priceless. They change so quickly, which is why it is wonderful to have photos to look at and remember how cute these little babies once were! Here are some tips on how to make the most out of baby pictures.

Tips For Perfect Baby Photography

A baby photo shoot can incorporate a variety of elements and ideas. You don’t necessarily have to prop a baby up in a crib and take traditional photos of the baby in his or her diaper. You can really get creative. Here are 5 tips to capture the perfect baby moment:

    1. Keep Your Camera Handy – Babies do such funny and cute things all the time, but if you don’t have your camera close by, you can easily miss that moment that can’t be imitated. By keeping your camera handy, you’ll be able to capture all those unique moments that make your baby who they are.
    1. Continuously Take Pictures – Don’t just wait for a baby photo shoot to capture you baby’s precious moments. Instead, take many pictures every day. Missing even one week of taking pictures will miss how much that baby has grown and changed in the short period of time.
    1. Try Something Other Than Colour – Try experimenting with black and white baby photography, or even sepia. Although colour is great, it’s wonderful to change things up a bit so that you have a variety of types of photos of your baby. Take some pointers from creative photography galleries from studios that actually specialize in baby photography like Quarum Photography.
    1. Take Documentary Photos in Addition to Portraits – Although traditional portraits are great, try taking documentary-style photos as well to truly tell a story of your baby’s first moments and years.
    1. Identify the Happy Moments – Try to capture the times in your baby’s life when they seem most happy and content. That could be when they are ‘dreaming’ while asleep, or while resting in your arms. Have your camera ready at all times! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just looking at some happy babies at Quarum’s Baby Photography Portfolio.

Don’t Miss Those Precious Moments

Have some of your baby’s pictures done professionally by a reputable baby photographer in Toronto, such as those at Quarum Studios. The photographers at this studio have taken all sorts of unique photos of babies – black and white, colour, candid shots, silly shots, and so forth. Have a baby photographer Toronto at this studio capture the most precious moments in your baby’s life!


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