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More than Human: Photography Book by Tim Flach

Award winning UK photographer Tim Flach has a special gift when it comes to originality.  In his More than Human series he captured similar human emotions in animals with powerful angles and lighting (Ed: and great timing!).

More than Human-Photography Book by Tim Flach-Pixelsmithstudios-12

The book is filled with a collection of striking images of bats, cobras,owls, lions, pandas, orangutans, bullfrogs, chimpanzees,tigers, wolves, porcupines, elephants, armadillos, as well as many other compositions never seen before.

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Photography Book Design and Layout Tips from Blurb

Professional photographer Mat Thorne from Blurb has put together some great advice on typography, front and back matter layouts when creating e-books, as well as what cover designs are out there and what to look out for when creating your own.

Book Design and Layout Tips from Blurb

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Breaking Into Wedding Photography- Top 5 Tips

I’ve been working professionally as a wedding photographer for just over 4 years now, but it’s only been the last 6 months that I have been working full time. Like many others entering this field I juggled wedding photography alongside a full time job for quite some time. It got to the point where I simply couldn’t juggle both- I was working 70 hour weeks, and I was rapidly approaching the point of complete burnout. In the end I was made redundant from my full time job, and  in retrospect this was just the ‘push’ that I needed!- it saved my health and my sanity!


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Pet photography – 5 Tips on photographing your pet

Animals aren’t the easiest of specimens to capture on camera; some of them simply don’t like them, others just don’t like to stay still, but whatever problem you’re facing there are some great techniques that you could use to get your pet ready for the perfect portrait.


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First of all you should train your pet to be itself around the camera so that they don’t hide or become unapproachable. You can help them overcome their fears with some basic training of commands such as sit, fetch, lie down, stay etc.

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