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FZD Design School
  The FZD Design School cultivates legendary concept artists in the video games and films industry. Currently based in Singapore, they have a 1 year program which is open to local Singaporeans and International students  
Overview of the 1 Year Course
This program is divided into 3 terms. Each term runs for 15 weeks with a two week break in between. Students must complete all 3 terms in order to graduate. This one year program is very intense and specialized. Students will graduate with a Diploma in Industrial Design and a vast array of professional skills.
Skills you will learn:
1 Year Course Training Includes (in order):

  • Perspective
  • Visual Communications 1
  • Forms And Materials
  • Design Sketching
  • Studio Time
  • Visual Communications 2
  • Intro To Entertainment Design
  • Visual Development
  • Studio Time
  • Entertainment Design
  • Production Design
  • Production Painting
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Studio Time
Contact Details

FZD SCHOOL OF DESIGN 58 Kim Yam Road, #04-01, Singapore 239359 Tel: +65 6702 5328 Fax: +65 6384 1326 Email: contact@fzdschool.com
PERSPECTIVE Use of horizon line and vanishing points to construct objects in 3d space VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS 1 Learn the draw-through method FORMS AND MATERIALS Using values to render forms DESIGN SKETCHING Building up the visual library STUDIO TIME Work on assignments
VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS 2 Sketching characters, objects and sceneries ENVIRONMENT AND COMPOSITION Lighting, mood, composition and values INTRO TO ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN Introduction of design projects. Students explore a wide range of topics and themes VISUAL DEVELOPMENT Using zBrush and SketchUp as design tools STUDIO TIME Work on assignments
ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN Longer design projects with game and film themed topics PRODUCTION DESIGN Students continue to build up their 3d skills PRODUCTION PAINTING Colour, lighting, mood, and composition PORTFOLIO PREPARATION Printed portfolios, blogs and websites STUDIO TIME Work on assignments

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