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We’re  a platform where local creatives in South Africa can create free profiles, network with other creatives, find new jobs, see what important events are coming up and more!

We have Animators, Game Developers, Illustrators, VFX Artists, Script Writers, Voice Actors, Producers, Studios and more on here! 

Feel free to jump on our Discord channel and become an official smithy! We hold bi-weekly mini jams, swop tutorials, tips and network.

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8 Best 1950s Fonts (Retro, Diner & Rockabilly)

When you imagine 1950s fonts, you’ll be forgiven for thinking of utilitarian typefaces or even military-style fonts. After all, the 1950s was a post-war era. Surprisingly, the fonts from this decade are way more vibey than you might think. 50s fonts are iconic....

Rustic Fonts | 8 Best Woodsy, Vintage, & Country Style Typefaces

‘Rustic’ is a buzzword that has become rather popular these days. And with good reason. The concept of ‘rustic’ itself is associated with something simple, something plain. But when we look at these spectacular typefaces, it opens up a whole new take on the meaning in...

Outdoor Fonts | 9 Top Retro & Vintage Typefaces

Throughout history, typography has stood the test of time, and still today, it remains timeless. Sans - serifs rounded edges are favored in most classic, vintage-retro inspired designs dating back centuries. Outdoor typography can evoke emotions and create images of...

7 Death Metal Fonts & How To Use Them

Conjure up the power and glory of death metal in your next project with an array of death metal fonts fit for Cannibal Corpse themselves. Whether you’re branding clothing or designing posters for the next Battle of the Bands, incorporating the right font can make all...

8 Best Calligraphy Fonts (Script, Modern & Hand Lettering)

Calligraphy fonts add the perfect touch to intimate and personal designs. From wedding and baby shower invitations to save-the-date cards, this font type gives an authentic, “by-hand” feeling to any material. Handwritten and script fonts can give a personalised touch...

1970s Fonts: Top 8 Movie Poster, Gothic & Retro Styles

If you’re looking to create some groovy 70s typography, this ultimate guide will help you find the best fonts for your designs. With these typefaces at your disposal, creating posters, apparel, and other materials will be easy. But finding the right font for your work...