We Just Hit 300 Profiles!

Early this morning we just reached a total of 300 profiles on Pixelsmithstudios. It’s one heck of an achievement and we celebrate every single person/studio signing up 🙂 We thought we’d give you a few interesting stats to go with this great milestone....

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A Little Gallery in Lower Main

“Once upon a time, an illustrator wanted to make something beautiful and wanted somewhere to put it for all the world to see. She walked down Bury St in London and discovered The Illustration Cupboard. A quirky little jaunt filled with illustrated works. The art world...

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Cobus the Maya Sensei

One of our local Maya gods had the thought of making his own Youtube channel and without any thought of a good name, he took what his students dubbed him – Maya Sensei. This week we chat to Cobus Van Staden, one of only two Autodesk Certified Instructors in...

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