A New Dawn Game Trailer – League of Legends

A new game cinematic for the release of A New Dawn by League of Legends. It’s always a great way to introduce new gameplays and give personalities to new champions. Also, scroll down to see how they made the game cinematic, it’s really fascinating. I have...

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The Division Cinematic Trailer – Tom Clancy

The cinematic trailer for The Division sold me on the game and that’s what a good cinematic trailer should do I guess. It’s strange how in my mind I know that the cinematic isn’t necessarily what the game looks like so I guess it’s more the...

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Watch Dogs Cinematic Trailer

If you haven’t noticed it yet we’re gamers…we love gaming, especially when revolutionary games like “Watch Dogs” come out. What we like even more is when companies create game cinematic’s to get everybody psyched up about the game....

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Michael Rauwerdink CG Artist For Snailboy

Michael Rauwerdink is a Computer Graphics artist from Cape Town we’ve recently met on twitter and after having a chat he mentioned that he worked on a indie puzzle platform game, Snailboy, as the CG artist. He generally loves anything CG animated related so it...

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Using Pixel Art In Gaming – Dungeon Village

I’ve somehow dropped on Dungeon Village in the Google play store when I was looking for a fun sim type game. I installed it and ever since I’ve been hooked on their well thought out and fun games (yes games are meant to be fun). Kairosoft has currently...

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League of Legends – Game Cinematics History

League of Legends, i’m sure most of you have heard of this popular RTS and RPG blend, well you should have since its reaching 5 million concurrent players (March 18 2013 stats)! As always what grips me the most are the game cinematics companies roll out for...

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