5 of our favorite video Infographics

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Like everything in the world you have trends, when someone does it and it goes viral everybody else wants to jump onto the bandwagon. Infographics have recently exploded onto the web and since everybody’s doing it, it’s not the latest and greatest thing anymore. So what’s the next thing to look out for? We predict it’s Video Infographics. Some companies have their foot firmly in the door such as Epipheo but we’re seeing a steady increase of people creating quality video infographics. It basically consists out of the same elements of an infographic (colorful pictures,summarised info and set categories) but the trick is to crunch it all into an animation that catches your attention and keeps it. “But it’s been on the internet for a while!” you say, but we’re saying “We agree, but It’s finally getting somewhere, now have some delicious looking video infographics for breakfast/diner/lunch/brinner!”


Epipheo Studios “About us”

Format: A Brief History of Data Storage

Areva (In French but still bloody amazing!)

What happens online when you die?

If you have any to share then please mail us the link!

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