Amazing Growth of Animation in South Africa

I have the great opportunity of regularly chatting to some great key players in the animation industry (and stalking/chatting to them on social platforms) and it’s great to see how passionate and driven these people are. If you had a look at the animation industry in South Africa a few years ago you’ll be astounded to see the amazing growth (literally leaps and bounds) that we’ve had because of them (and obviously the support of other like minded and passionate fans!).

Film releases, schools, animation studios and interest in the industry has grown phenomenally and each day you see a lot of activity on social platforms surrounding these as well.

South Africa becoming a Key Player in the Animation Industry

South Africa has steadily built its reputation of being a country with first class quality work in the form of film,animation and advertising. We have major local players internationally heading up some major advertising agencies and creative houses in London, New York, Singapore and Australia.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when South Africa is seen as an ever growing hub for the animation industry. International clients flock to local animation studios because we deliver great results, work hard, design exceptional animations and break those frontiers I was talking about earlier.


Animation Producers and Content Creators Invited to Annecy 2014 International Animation Festival

Our own elite team in the animation and film industry attended the Annecy 2014 International Animation Film festival to represent South Africa in the industry. The team consisted out of Mike Buckland, Mike Scott , Ree Trewerk, Nick Wilson , Wendy Spinks , Tim Argyle , Glenn Gillis , Nono Mofokeng , Jenna Gien from MindsEye Creative as well as Thandeka and Carla from NFVF. This gave them the opportunity to build relationships with businesses and show what our country is made of when it comes to creativity,originality and skill. Now doesn’t that just make your chest swell up with pride?


Major International Breakthrough in the Animation Industry

Triggerfish Animation Studios raised the bar in 2012 in animation quality in South Africa when it released “Adventures in Zambezia”. It’s had the greatest success when it comes to South African-owned films and grossed in excess of $34 Million at the international box office. Recently they also release “Khumba” which was another great release from South Africa and premièred at Annecy 2013. These two films in my opinion set the standard for the way forward and how the quality of what we release should be.

Khumba - Another great upcoming Triggerfish Studios Animation

Some of the key players in the South African Animation and VFX industry

This list of animation and VFX studios in South Africa comes from our relationships built over the years with these passionate people and studios as well as information provided by Wendy Spinks and Nick Wilson’s feedback.

  • Triggerfish Studios
  • Pollen
  • Luma
  • Mike Scott
  • Minds Eye Creative
  • Seamonster
  • Sunrise Animation Studios
  • BugBox Animation
  • Shy the Sun
  • Striker Entertainment
  • Keegan Thornhill

Cape Town has been named the World Design Capital 2014, and rightfully so, as we have a nation full of creative people leading the front in breaking new frontiers in creativity. We’re keen to see where the animation and VFX industry in South Africa is going to go, with the stuff we’re putting out there recently it’s definitely going to be exciting to watch.

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Ruan Smit started Pixelsmithstudios with the vision of creating a new design orientated environment of sharing, learning and expertise development amongst local Animators,Illustrators,Game Developers and VFX artists in South Africa.

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