Animating Like A Pro… Almost

Interview with Chris Fazio – Animation Professional-Lecturer

We recently featured Animation Career Pro on our blog and it was an awesome article to write. We actually enjoyed our interaction with Chris from Animation Career Pro so much, that I was enrolled for the 3D animation course.




Initially I thought it would be online lessons with a marking system that determines whether I pass my assignments or not and I was so wrong. I received personalised training. It was after the first assignment that I realised I am part of a mentorship program.


Chris has been taking time and putting effort into my lessons, making sure I understand the lessons and fundamentals. He does this for each and every student.




He personally reviewed each assignment and returned a detailed breakdown of areas where I need to pay attention to my work and also complimented the areas where I did well. He really puts his heart and soul into the lessons to make sure his students are taught the right way!


So far I have done the classical bouncing ball and the figure-8 ball, a walk cycle and a leap sequence. Every time I tackle an assignment I learn something new and every assignment has a unique set of challenges to teach me about this art known as animation.


I am now halfway with my course and I look forward to what the next set of assignments has in store for me.




If you would like to enrol for this course yourself, you can follow this link for more information:


I promise that this course will teach you how to animate and you WILL complete your course feeling confident in your ability as an animator.


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