When Animation Saved The World – SHELL Getting Pounded

When Animation Saved The World - SHELL Getting Pounded
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It just makes my day when beloved companies just become cooler by taking on the big guns a.k.a SHELL by using their brand to create awareness and exposing big corporate deals to the public. Just quickly wanted to post these three animation videos I found made specifically to combat SHELL drilling in the arctic.

Besides we love Polar Bears, those guys are cool (Ah the pun it hurrrttss)

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome

Save the Arctic from Shell and Gazprom

Greenpeace – Save The Arctic

If you want to support this movement then go to Save The Artic and read more: Save The Arctic

You wont see us post too many campaigns like this, but when we feel strongly about a movement we cant help but share and support the people working on it. Savethearctic.org we got yo back!

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