The Boxtrolls Trailer and Behind the Scenes by LAIKA Studios

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Laika studios,creator of Paranorman and Coraline) brings us another stop-motion animation masterpiece called “The Boxtrolls”. The Boxtrolls is the story of an orphan who is adopted by mischievous,quirky creatures in boxes…called the boxtrolls!

These misfits lovingly raise the orphan as one of their own and gave him a name,Eggs, who lives with them in their homey cave beneath the streets of Cheesebridge. The rest i’ll leave up to you to watch, dont want to give away this amazing story!

Enjoy the trailer and be sure to watch the second trailer which shows the puppets,backstage and a few tricks form the creators!

The Boxtrolls Trailer – Laika Stop Motion Animation

The Boxtrolls Behind The Scenes – Stop-Motion Animated Movie HD

Go and have a look at the official Boxtrolls site

Release date:

The Boxtrolls releases in 3D in North America on 26 September next year. South Africa’s release date is still unknown for The Boxtrolls

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