Desire – Animation Short by Scott Thierauf

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This short animation by Scott Thierauf is about a little robot born into a world where life seems to be very simple as he only has one mission in life. His daily routine changes however when a new element comes into play and the world as he knows changes.

Desire - Animation Short by Scott Thierauf

I love how animators can build a personality and emotion from a simplistic design of the robot, which was done brilliantly in “Desire”. The music also ads well to the emotional battle of jealousy and desire which escalates as the animation progresses. Well done guys, were loving the little scamp!

Desire – Animation by Scott Thierauf


Story, Direction and Animation
Scott Thierauf

Sound Design and Creative Collaboration
Grant Kattmann

Theresa Bruce

Color Grade
Chris Joecken

Contact Details

If you want to get in contact with the creators of this animation you can contact them here: Red Echo Post


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