Isometric Animated Video and the Toxic Vortex

Isometric Animated Video and the Toxic Vortex
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I’ve stumbled on isometric illustrations and animations a while back and since then I’ve enjoyed the style. There’s nothing that sticks home more than a well executed animated video that delivers a message. The voice acting is clear and flows seamlessly with the animation. Plus the videos talk about a plastic toxic vortex in the ocean!

As a bonus we’ve also added the “Making of” this animated video. I hope you enjoy the “It’s a plastic world” animation and if you have time go check out their facebook, website and survey.

A bit about the animator

Andreas Tanner created the whole animation by himself (except the music & sound design).  Have a look at his site Andix and his twitter account @andivfx

It’s a plastic world – Isometric Animation

Making of “It’s a plastic world”


Website: It’s a Plastic World
Facebook: It’s a Plastic World Facebook
Survey (Do it for the kids!): It’s a Plastic World Survey

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