Luca Burchietti Featured Short Animation

Featured-Luca Burchietti
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We just love it when people send in their work for a feature! Luca Burchietti sent in his first short animation movie and we decided to feature it on Pixelsmithstudios for anyone who wants to start their own short. Luca even added a “Making of..” for any animators interested in the process.

Luca is a freelance graphic designer and 3d generalist and uses all kinds of tools to create his art.  He has a passion for animation movies and when he has some free time on his hands creates animations for personal projects or for clients.

His tools of the trade are Lightwave 3d for modeling / animation / rendering and 3d-Coat + photoshop for textures. So without further ado,enjoy Luca’s short 🙂

Steve Paletta – 3D Animation Short

Making of – Breakdown Steve Paletta

Other Useful Stuff:

Luca has some great pieces on his site! Go have a look at:

His new Facebook page (if you fancy a chat):

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