Monsterbox Animation and Making Of

Monsterbox Animation and Making Of_Pixelsmithstudios
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We stumbled onto another great animation done by animation graduate students. Monsterbox was created by four students Ludovic Gavillet, Derya Kocaurlu, Lucas Hudson and Colin John-Saunier from Bellecour Ecoles d’Art. We love the innocence,story and unique characthers of the animation as well as the technical aspects painstakingly worked on to produce this great 5 min work of art.

Monsterbox Animation and Making Of_Pixelsmithstudios

Take a few minutes out of your schedule and have a look at their great work. Have a look at Ludovic Gavillet’s blog,Derya Kocaurlu’s Blog, Lucas Hudson’s Blog and Colin John-Saunier’s Blog


Making of Monsterbox – Ludo Gavillet


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