Collaborative Short Film – Poutnik ( A Must See )

Collaborative Short Film - Poutnik - Keith Lango
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A community of seasoned animators teamed up under Anomalia (Organised by brothers David & Marek Toušek, founders of the Prague production studio 3Bohemians) and veteran director/hero of CG Animation , Keith Lango, to create Poutnik. The idea behind this short film was to create a colorful and engaging story to match high end productions while using a small budget (Definitely watch the commentary from Keith at the end of this article, MASSIVELY insightful to people in the industry).

Poutnik is a CG animated short film which focuses on a little creature who winds up in an alien world and goes through a series of events which builds and creates his spunky personality. Once you’ve finished watching this great short, be sure to scroll down and watch the behind the scenes video (Studio,meetings,software and setup!).

POUTNÍK Short Film (original)

POUTNIK Short Film – Director Commentary from Keith Lango

POUTNÍK – Behind the Scenes

The Teams

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