Reset Cinematic Trailer – Theory Interactive Ltd

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Immediately as the cinematic starts you’re introduced to a world without inhabitants. The cinematic made us think “where is everyone”, “Why’s the Mech disabled” and more importantly “Why is it parked on the car?”

Reset Game Cinematic - Pixelsmithstudios

We love the rain effects, reflective surfaces as well as the fast forward on nature taking over. The Reset cinematic successfully pulls you into their world where you wonder what happened and keeps you intrigued  by introducing a ghost city with a solitary Mech in the middle. Enjoy!

Reset Cinematic Trailer

It’s still TBA but you can follow their blog here.

Theory Interactive Ltd - Reset Cinematic Trailer - Pixelsmithstudios

Reset is a single player co-op first person puzzle game being developed for PC by Theory Interactive Ltd.


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