Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Cinematic

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It’s time for another game cinematic and today we picked Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s cinematic. It’s great to see the advancement in cinematic trailers and how animation companies grow in their creativity and skills as the years go by.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Cinematic

If you haven’t played the game yet you should get your hands on it, it’s a fun online co-op game (you can single play as well) where you can upgrade your character (We picked the stealthy one,Vector  , of course)  with xp you pick up along the way. Enjoy the cinematic and tell us what you thought about the game!

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Different Class Characters and Abilities in Raccoon City

Assault – Karena “Lupo” LesProux”

Karena LesProux used to run with the French Special Forces but retired when she wanted to start a family of her own.Eventually she married and had children, but later realised the violent tendencies of her husband. She murdered him with her bare hands when he abused one of the children.

Karena 'Lupo' LesProux - Raccoon City Resident Evil

Struggling to support her children after being acquited by a sympathetic judge, she kitted herself for private contract work as a mercenary to the highest bidder. She was recruited by the Umbrella Corporation to lead the Delta Squad “Wolf Pack”. In the team she’s known as Lupo (Wolf). She’s an expert assault soldier and as leader she’s protective over her team, who since affectionately dubbed her as “Wolf Mother”.

Passive Abilities:

Body Armor : 30% Damage Reduction form bullets

Quick Reload: 100% reload time increase

Recon – Vector

Not much is known about Vector as his identity is hidden and his past remains a mystery.

Recon - Vector-Raccoon City

The elite unit in stealth and reconnasaince sent Vector to Rockfort Island where he trained and honed his skills. He became highly proficient in martial arts and was taken under operative Hunk’s (an elite teacher) wing after they ended a knife fight with each other in a draw during the young trainee’s time at Rockfort.

Passive Abilities

Stealth Run: Increase movement speed by 15%, Reduces sound of footsteps

Detection Avoidance: Hidden on mini-maps,can run without breaking stealth when maxed upgrade


Demolition Class – Hector “Beltway” Hivers

Beltway is the demolition’s expert for the team. Hector always had a good sense of humor and he often used it to built friendships and trust in his life. His form of humor took a twist later in his life and it got more physical and would be used to humiliate his target.

Demolition Class - Hector Beltway Hivers - Raccoon City

He realized that his sense of humor works perfect with a good old set of explosives and that’s why he joined the US Army. This obviously got him discharged from the army (almost with a court martial) and this led to his recruitment in the U.S.S team as an expert in his field, he just needs to be held on a short leash as he’s slightly unstable himself.

Passive Abilities

Blast Armor: Prevents explosives knockdown, reduces explosive damage 30%

Blast Master:  Reduce cooldown on abilities 5 seconds, disable mines


Field Scientist – Christine “Four Eyes” Yamata

Christine ‘Four Eyes’ Yamata developed a passion for science since she was young. As a result, she did not develop the social skills needed to operate successfully in later life.  She has little social skills and only sees people as breeding grounds for her fascination with virology.

Field Scientist - Christine Four Eyes Yamata - Raccoon City

Umbrella made Christine part of the “Wolfpack” team because of her love of virology and her expertise in science. It’s a perfect fit since she gets the opportunity to study the outbreak and because she’s been known to experiment on captives and the wounded. She has no interest in human lives when it comes to expanding her knowledge on the outbreak and any aspect of virology.

Passive Abilities

Antiviral Proficiency: Spawn with Antiviral, Increase amount x4

Biometric Vision: 360 meter  clear zombie view plus reveal zombie weak points

Medic – Michaela “Bertha” Schneider

Michalea “Bertha” Schneider is an expert when it comes to healing. The problem is that she also enjoys inducing pain with her amazing knowledge in medicine and the human anatomy. In 1198 she was contracted by Umbrella into the “Wolfpack” team once she became known for her skills in interrogations.


Medic - Michaela Bertha Schneider - Raccoon City

Passive Abilities

First Aid proficiency: Spawn with First Aid Spray, amount carried increased x 4

Field Medic: Restores 50% more health with First Aid Spray and Green Herb. Close combat kills increase green herb drop


Surveilance – Vladimir “Spectre” Bodrovski

Vladimir “Spectre” Bodrovski was a member of the Soviet Union Security Services. He’s a specialist when it comes as an intelligence technician and his physique plus social characteristics help him keep a low profile.

Surveilance - Vladimir Spectre Bodrovski - Raccoon city

Spectre used his connections to blackmail people for his own gain which put him in a bad light with the authorities and his unit. Subsequently he had to flee Russia because of the authorities chasing him and found a home with the Umbrella team “Wolfpack” due to his surveillance skills.

Passive Abilities

Item Detection: Allows Spectre to see all item drops on mini map.

Proximity Detection: Increases Mini Map size. Reveals enemies within certain Distance. Notified when targeted by enemy.



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