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Having spent my entire career creating 3D animation, and loving it, I must admit it takes me for ever to do anything after hours and I find it hard to feed my channel with new content. I specialize in character animation and I have a basic generalist knowledge of everything needed to create a character, but working by my self it takes me way to long before I can get to actually animate, and by the time I do get to animation I am eager to start with my next idea.

Ruru the Fox - Friedl Jooste

Ruru fox was an experiment to see if I could create an appealing look in Maya that eliminates the weeks of prep before I can animate. I want to create lots of content for my channel. If people are going to subscribe I want to make it worth their while and create funny and entertaining shorts and try my best to keep it high quality.

Fox chasing a spot.

The first clip with Ruru was just a short of him chasing a spot. I had to see if the simplistic design held up and I think it did. It is still 3D since I did create it in 3D software, but it’s all created out of 2D planes. After a day of building the character I could actually start animating which was new for me.

Ruru fox meets Coco Bunny

In the second clip I am introducing Coco bunny. Coco turns from cute to creepy very quick and I love it. The goal is to create as many characters as my spare time allows and introduce them in more of Ruru’s adventures. I do hope people enjoy watching these shorts as much as I enjoy making them and I will try and release new ones regularly!


Thanks for the Article Friedl Jooste!

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