SMITE: Behind the Scenes Part 3

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Recently we started sharing updates form the awesome team at RealtimeUK and their latest work –¬† SMITE: To Hell & Back, and we would love to show you part 3 of Behind the Scenes (Lighting & Effects)…


Here ya go!

The Lead VFX Artist (Graham Collier) and Lead Lighting Artist shares their thoughts on what made this project unique. From setting up the lava and what made the lava so challenging to setting up dynamic links for scenes that helps when making changes to shots. (Be sure to check the images below the video)

SMITE “Behind the Scenes” Part 3 – Lighting & Effects

A BIG thank you to RealtimeUK for giving us this opportunity to share their work.

We will be sharing more updates from these awesome guys soon and you can expect an interview as well.

Layout_-_VFX_-_SMITE Lighting_&_Effect_Breakdown_-_SMITE Lighting_&_Effect_Breakdown_-_SMITE_-_LAVA Lighting_&_Effect_Breakdown_-_SMITE_-_Lighting_and_Effect



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