SMITE Cinematic Trailer – To Hell & Back

With this latest smite cinematic trailer, RealTimeUK have pushed their boundaries to create a cinematic which focuses on character progression and the journey each character goes through which reveals their own unique colorful,fierce or mysterious personalities. The battle choreography is fluid and the flashbacks are tailored in seamlessly to tell a story of previous journeys while keeping the intensity of the battle consistent.

Be sure to read more after the video to learn more about the technical aspects of this great cinematic and what software the team used to achieve this great piece of work.

 SMITE Cinematic Trailer – To Hell & Back

RealTimeUK on the project and the technical aspects:

Upgrading to V-Ray 3.2 allowed us to make use of the renderer’s improved proxy system so that our scenes could be more eipc than ever without causing issues during rendering. As with previous trailers, every asset is an XRef, so we can iterate on models, textures and shaders even after we’ve assembled them into the shots. This also integrated well with Forest Pack Pro and Speedtree to allow us to propagate 100s of trees throughout the opulent gardens we designed.

Again due to V-Ray 3.2 we’ve been able to better integrate our volumetric fluid simulations into the scenes, using the new V-Ray Volume Grid. This means our smoke and dust is now correctly lit by HDRIs and global illumination, without a big impact to render times.  So when creating the smoking furnace of the Fire Giants Lair all the effects sit well in the environment.

We also heavily used Houdini Fx in the Fire Giants Lair, generating all the flowing lava and destruction Fx. It was also used in the Gardens to generate ground explosions.

For us this trailer should be as fun as it is epic, something you can watch over and over and get something new each time. We are really proud of what we have achieved and we hope you enjoy it too!

Keep up to date with RealTimeUK and what they are working on their website. Great job guys!

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