Spoiler Free Review of Elden Ring



Elden Ring took off like a rolling thunderstorm, enticing a landslide of new players to the FromSoftware franchise into the Souls-like games.
This title was also my first time playing a game from FromSoftware and I thoroughly enjoyed getting used to seeing the two red words “YOU DIED”


It took me a good few days to get used to this gameplay style, I was forced to think before entering a fight, read the room before landing a strike and keep a cool head on my shoulders while being chased by an oversized lobster that can shoot foam at me from across the map.


I fell in love with the story development and character development of each and every character I encountered. The stories were deep and each one had a deeper connection to the wider game, allowing alternate story endings and storylines based on actions I may or may not take.


The overall world is immersive and so expansive with each zone having its own unique characteristics and every new unit in the higher-difficulty zones each come with a scary, but exciting trick or technique that kept me on the edge of my seat while playing this beautiful masterpiece.

Then lastly, we can’t forget, every time I beat a boss, how I could feel my heart racing in the back of my head and how I was shaking from the excitement of having beaten the difficult bosses after countless deaths.


Rumour has it, that FromSoftware is working on a new game and we can only speculate, but maybe, we can expect a Sekiro 2.

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