The Escape – Short animation movie from Enspire Studio

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A teleportation device cpapable of transporting people between different dimensions was invented. Eliana (the protagonist) stole the device and is being pursued by the police. Once she gets cornered she activates the device out of desperation and gets transported to an alien world…

The Escape-Enspire Studio Short movie


This amazing short was created by Enspire Studio which was founded by two talented individuals – Andre Surya (Founder) and Evann Tjokrosetio (Co-Founder) and they aim to create High quality animtations, Tv series, cinematics and high profile commercials.

Enspire studio has a massive portfolio:

  • Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen
  • Iron Man 1 and 2
  • Star Trek
  • Terminator : Salvation
  • Sanctum
  • Priest
  • Rango

to name a few!


Enspire Studio proudly presents “The Escape” , their very first short movie.


Email :         [email protected]
Twitter:      @EnspireStudio



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