The Neverhood – Such an Underrated Masterpiece

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We love The Neverhood, it’s been one of the most underrated games and creative masterpieces of the ’90s. It was a full stop motion production and the team put in a lot of effort to fully build this world and characters from clay (No other digital additions, pure clay!). The Neverhood was quirky, had great characters and was full of humour which can be heard in its music, style, and sequences of the game. It appears to be picking up some great traction in the community again and we’ve been seeing a lot of fanfictions (and wanted to share it with you).

Below are a few videos we’ve found, I’ve been listening to most of these on repeat the last few days, ah nostalgia:

The Neverhood Song (Southern Front Porch Verses)


Behind the Scenes – Neverhood and Skullmonkeys [Making of]

The Neverhood – making of #1

Also,not to be missed

The full soundtrack (Catchy as Heck!)

Credits to The Neverhood Creators:

Writer(s): Dale Lawrence; Mark Lorenzen; Doug TenNapel
Composer: Terry Scott Taylor
Developers: The Neverhood, DICE Los Angeles, Riverhillsoft
Designers: Doug TenNapel, Mark Lorenzen

Some extra info on how they started

“Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Interactive, which had recently started, needed fresh and unusual projects and TenNapel approached Spielberg with the idea of a claymation game, with Spielberg accepting it for publication.[2] The Neverhood, Inc. made a deal with DreamWorks Interactive and Microsoft, and the game went for development. According to the developers, creating the game’s characters and scenery used up over three tons of clay.”-Wikipedia

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