“Thorested Development” Thor and Loki Mashup by Animator Leigh Lahav

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Leigh Lahav is a graduate form Bezalel academy and she has recently uploaded an Arrested Development mash up named “Thorested Development” which takes a swing at Arrested Development and the dysfunctional (but lovable) Bluths family.

Thorested Development Thor and Loki Mashup by Animator Leigh Lahav

Thorested Development

Oringinally from New York, She’s now based in Israel and is a animator,illustrator and all around comic lover (and we suspect she has a crush on Loki). Go Check out her website, Leigh Lahav, or have a look at her YouTube channel, Only Leigh.

Kudos to my buddy, Barend Combrink for sharing this awesome video!

Small Collection of Leigh Lahav’s Illustrations

Leigh Lahav - Octopussy love Leigh Lahav - Mushroom Samurai COOKIEMONSTER - Leigh Lahav Leigh Lahav - SmashIT Wreck IT Ralph Avengers Mash UP Leigh Lahav - American Toon

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