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21 Female Artists in 2023 – South African Illustrators to Watch

We don’t know about you, but we’re tired of hearing that we don’t know any good female artists in the industry! South Africa is full of talented (and ...

Best Low Poly Dungeon Pack: 11 Must-Have Game Assets

Building a low polygon medieval universe would be incomplete without a low poly dungeon. Add in a dragon or a low poly goblin, and you’ll really feel like ...

The Best Pink Gaming Mouse | A Guide To The Top 7 of 2023

Gamers love to color coordinate to have the ultimate visually appealing setup that will not only immerse them into their game but also look amazing in their ...

Danielle Albertyn and Rial de Wet Artist Interview

Our Pixelsmith Studios gets to do a lot of really cool things. And one of those things is to chat to some crazy talented South African illustrators. ...

South African Illustrators You Need to Know About in 2023

Over the span of our many adventures online and IRL, we’ve come across a myriad of artists, animators, illustrators, and VFX artists who’ve excelled in their ...

Best Pink Gaming Chair: Top 7 Picks for the Ultimate Pink Gamer Setup

Any pink gaming setup would be incomplete without a pink gaming chair to match. The right chair really brings the look together and gives you added comfort, ...

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human nature illustration

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Human Nature Font

Human Nature is a font inspired by the relationship between human beings, nature and our own human nature. It combines anatomy and flowers.

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