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Pixelating with style

Today we have quite a talented individual on our blog: Walt Viviers. He is currently the Creative Director at Menzies Media, and also the person we’ll be ...

Welcome To The Gallery – MattePaint Image Resource

So I’m going to start off by saying that this is a slightly different interview than we normally would have. In fact, this is more of a shameless punt for a ...

Artist Feature: Jonathan Hau-Yoon

  Today we get to interview Jonathan Hau-Yoon in our Artist Feature. He’s currently working on Fortnite at Epic Games, but has previously worked ...

Artist Feature: Scott Harris

We get to interview an awesome artist today, who also teaches at DAS: School of Art and Design. He also hosts a few courses on Udemy. On top of the above, ...

A Little Gallery in Lower Main

“Once upon a time, an illustrator wanted to make something beautiful and wanted somewhere to put it for all the world to see. She walked down Bury St in ...

Cobus the Maya Sensei

One of our local Maya gods had the thought of making his own Youtube channel and without any thought of a good name, he took what his students dubbed him - ...

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