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I’ve re-watched this Batman Death Metal Animation music video a hundred times and It still gets a chuckle out of me. ArhyBES created a music video for Dethklok and it went viral ever since. I just love the humour in the animation and that it pokes fun at the always cool and calm Batman character.

The style is fun to watch, the flow of the “storyboard” is crazy but still makes sense and it just shows you how well people receive humour in a music video, eventhough they might not be death metal fans. The video might not be for all ages so you have been warned!

Death Metal Batman


Original Video Creator – ArhyBES
Song Title – Batmetal
Dethklok – Face Fisted.
Children of Batman – Batface

Let’s Settle This Once and for All!

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Written by Ruan Smit

Ruan Smit started Pixelsmithstudios with the vision of creating a new design orientated environment of sharing, learning and expertise development amongst local Animators,Illustrators,Game Developers and VFX artists in South Africa.