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Dropzone, RealTimeUK’s first character sci-fi piece, is live! And we <3 it! This Dropzone project gave the team the opportunity to pull out all the stops and showcase how they have honed and improved on their character pipeline ,since SMITE, through really pushing the facial rig with lip sync and dialogue.

When Sparkypants approached them with the concept, they jumped onboard and started storyboarding and creating this great cinematic of mercenaries dropping down into an alien invested hold, ready to smash some bugs!

Dropzone Cinematic

It’s Getting Attention!

The cinematic first went live at Gamescom yesterday and it’s already getting rave reviews on social media. The Dropzone booth has been nominated for the Best Booth Award , its hit over 10,000 viewers on Twitch making the top 10 games and getting a front page space. So if any of your readers are at Gamescom now we’d defiantly recommend getting down there and getting involved!


Find out More!

More about the project can be found on our case study including some pretty lovely concept and look dev images.

The team mentioned that they have a VFX breakdown and facial animation ‘Behind the Scenes’ coming soon.


Neal Strydom

Written by Neal Strydom

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