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Ever heard of pencilmation? Well neither have we until today!

Ross Bollinger is the animator of these funny pencilmation creations. It always amazes us how you can take something with a simplistic design and make it into such a hit.

Ross lives in Atlanta and has a close relationship with his wife and three pencils. He also has an animation assistant, Ben Snyder.

Enjoy the pencilmation videos!

Original Pencilmation Returns (Pencilmation #19)


Rancour’s Away (Pencilmation #21)


The Wheel McCoy (Pencilmation #23)


Bee Mine (Pencilmation #22)


If you want to see the rest of his compilations you can have a look at his YouTube channel with his pencilmations.


Ruan Smit

Written by Ruan Smit

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