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Double Fine holds an annual game jam called Amnesia Forthnight which gets a lot of attnetion. Although the Amneisa Forthnight is over it’s still fun to look at the pitches that Pendleton sent to Double Fine (gaming company). Personally we like the “Little Pink Best Buds” one because it has these cute little pink guys following around and trying to be your friends! Just for those of you who dont know, Penldeton Ward is the creator of Adventure Time (Mathematical cartoon), Bravest Warriors (Features on Youtube) and other funny and classic shorts.

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Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp

Little Pink Best Buds

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No More McDonalds

Damnit Jerry

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Amnesia Forthnight 2014 Launch Video

We though you might find this video interesting for future Amnesia campaigns.

Ruan Smit

Written by Ruan Smit

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