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The Tables Have Turned – Warhammer 40K Movie

What was once used as a pastime for Erasmus Brosdau has evolved into a CG hobby of science fiction, guns, genetically enhanced soldiers and monsters from your worst nightmares.

Warhammer 40k into a full feature CG film

Warhammer 40 000 is a tabletop wargame also known as WH40K where players purchase miniatures, assemble and paint them where they are then put out on the table to do battle in a series of events that takes place on a turn based system with calculations that match the intellect of Pythagoras and Leonhard Euler.   Brosdau however has been working tirelessly in his spare time to produce this passion for warhammer 40k into a full feature CG film along with other great artists like Aaron Dembski-Bowen(known for his current works in the Black Library) and Adam Harvey(known for his work on Games Workshop’s own Warhammer 40k film, Ultramarines).   With such a rich platform of plots, ideas, characters, technology and more, it is no wonder that these artists have decided to put their pens to paper and tablet surface.   There has only been one problem.

The Lord Inquisitor – Promotional Video[HD]

Games Workshop Kicking Back

Warhammer 40k is owned and published by Games Workshop (GW) who have come out clearly against any attempt made by fans to make their own tributes to their beloved space marines (it’s not just the ladies who are suckers for men in uniform). Legal action has halted the publication of another fan made film, namely Damnatus.   As 2015 dawns over a new tabletop wasteland, bodies strewn in pieces across a battlefield where only one can be victorious and bathe in the blood of his enemies (such images are subject to the minds of the players and not the game manufacturers, you have been disclaimered), the passionate film makers are hopeful that their tribute will see light sometime this year.

Further Links to follow about The Lord Inquisitor and Erasmus Brosdau

The Lord Inquisitor – Making Of Teaser 2012 – Part 02 [HD]

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