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‘BREXIT’ Brings the cost down of world class cinematics and trailers

You all have seen it on the news and you should know about this already. If you don’t know about BREXIT, where have you been sleeping?

This event has had quite a few ripple effects and a few people have had their say but we’re not going to go into detail about all that.

Instead, we’re going to share a press release from our friends, RealtimeUK and work in the UK for animation & VFX after BREXIT.


Read the press release below:


With the pound at a 31 year low against the dollar, international clients get the biggest ‘bang for buck’ ever as high quality UK VFX and Animation talent comes at a lower cost.

  • Getting eyeballs on both new and treasured IP’s is key to getting games noticed and ahead of the competition. Whether it’s a cinematic trailers or in-engine cut scenes, the quality of the video ultimately reflects on the IP. So, with CG still offering the very highest levels in visual fidelity, working with a specialist creative partner that can offer the very best in quality will be key. With the UK, currently the No.1 one place in the world for VFX and animation, it’s a clear choice for lots of game developers and publishers. At a time when YouTube is reporting that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year, never has there been a greater time to use cinematic trailers to engage audiences.
  • All Game Developers, Publishers and Creative Agencies outside of the UK can take advantage of the low cost of £GBP sterling rate when developing their next major marketing/production assets for their games.
  • Over 20 years in the industry RealtimeUK have collaborated with the publishers of major IP’s such as ‘World of Tanks’, ‘War Thunder’ and ‘SMITE’ and it’s their creativity that has helped get these games noticed.

Thanks, in part to the huge success of films like Harry Potter and Star Wars, the UK’s VFX and Post production industry has come to dominate the global market place. It is a huge talent pool that has become more attractive since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and the subsequent fall in the value of sterling, effectively making the $US Dollar stretch further by nearly 17%.

The UK’s position as a leader in the Creative Industries, combined with its strong history in Games development has enabled RealtimeUK grow their team to one of the most sought after producers of games trailers and cinematics. Getting worldwide attention, they are the ‘go to’ production studio for publishers, developers and creative agencies looking for the development of major marketing assets to help with the promotion of their games. RealtimeUK are no stranger to working with some of the biggest game IP’s on the planet, but are particularly adept at working with clients about to embark on their first big trailer. RealtimeUK have worked collaboratively with the developers of ‘World of Tanks’, ‘War Thunder’ and ‘SMITE’ all of whom experienced exponential growth after RealtimeUK produced trailers for these clients.

Todd Harris, ‘Hi-Rez Studios’ says “I would without hesitation recommend RealtimeUK to any developer looking to do a high end cinematic”


Established in 1996, RealtimeUK have been creating engaging narrative led cinematics for the Video Games industry for 20 years. The UK based company has been enjoying worldwide success with their trailers racking up millions of views within a matter of weeks.


For further information contact:

Zoe Matthews,,, +44 (0) 1772 682 363

Notes to editors:

  • Founder and Owner Tony Prosser
  • RealtimeUK was founded in 1996
  • Quite simply, RealtimeUK are passionate about creating inspiring commercials, marketing trailers, VFX & CG imagery.

Written by Neal Strydom

Co-Owner of Pixelsmithstudios. Specialising in creating content for digital platforms Working fulltime in marketing & Advertising Always meeting new talent

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