Gaming Chair Review: Vertagear PL4500

Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair

In this article, I’ll be providing an honest, unsponsored review of the Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair. The first things that I look for when purchasing any kind of equipment, are the long term value return and the material it is manufactured from as well as ergonomics. Straight from the start, this chair impressed me.

What impressed me the most, was that the chair isn’t all leather, I’m not a big supporter of all leather chairs and furniture, specially due to my experience with hot, humid summers, having your skin peel off the chair like a stretch of cling wrap around a salad bowl isn’t as exciting as it sounds and it feels awkward.

Although the chair has some pleather, I honestly prefer that the pleather/leather is kept to a minimum.

The colour options for this chair is also great, but I prefer a minimalism approach and went for the black/black combo.

I’m a great supporter of the framework being quite solid, boasting a metal framework and being able to support up to 180kg.

For me, this is a good setup as it will help avoid squeaking chair noises and it will help make your streams sound higehr quality as you won’t have a “squeeeeeeaaaaakk” in the background, this will be a great for when you record your podcast episodes.

The additional advantage to having the high quality build and the framework being so good, is that you get great value for your purchase in regards to you can rest assured in knowing you’ve made a great investment, I know I certainly feel that way about my chair.

This chair includes coffee fiber padding, meaning the PL4500’s backrest and seat is padded with high quality coffee fiber, produced through a patented technology, enabling odour control and quick drying for added hygiene and comfort, again, hot and humid summers…

A standard nowadays with almost all chairs, an adjustable seat height. The PL4500’s seat and height adjustability ensures correct ergonomic posture and prevents stress to your back, shoulders and neck, meaning you can play games or work on your animation passion project for longer and feel less drained after a solid session.

You can adjust the independent bask rest up to 140-degrees.

The seat tilt is quite fancy, though I have yet to use it to it’s fullest.

If you’re the opposite of me around RGB lighting, these chairs can accommodate a separate RGB lighting kit.

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