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The process of designing a logo is considered both an art as well as a science. It is considered an art because it requires creativity and it is a science because it aims to meet the client’s objectives while employing the necessary technical knowledge. Each stage of designing a logo is important and can determines the outcome of the final product.


Stage I

6 Easy Stages Of Logo Design - Making Logo Designs Interesting

The first stage is designing a brief. This is where the client briefs the team designing the logo about the expectations and requirements of the logo. The designing team uses a questionnaire to develop the “wants” of the client. They are able to determine the kind of picture the client wants to display to the target audience. They ask questions that will help them come up with a good design.

Stage II

6 Easy Stages Of Logo Design - Making Logo Designs Interesting

The second stage is the research stage. The designing team does comprehensive research on the industry the client is in, the background of the client as well as the competitors of the client. The research conducted on the industry is done to identify the risks involved with designing that logo. It is also conducted to identify the challenges the logo will face while trying to capture the interest of the target market. Research on the competitors allows the designing team to understand the kind of competition they face as they design the logo.


Stage III

6 Easy Stages Of Logo Design - Making Logo Designs Interesting

This stage is the sketching stage whereby the designer sketches the logo. This stage requires a lot of creativity and brainstorming. One can draw as many sketches as possible. A designer should use the information provided in the brief as well as the information gained from the research to sketch. Play around with the images on paper.


Stage IV

Here, you get to use your computer to generate something that looks like your sketch. Using your graphic software, you can then form the first draft of the final logo. You can play around with the font and the colors by rearranging them until you get a result you are satisfied with.


Stage V

6 Easy Stages Of Logo Design - Making Logo Designs Interesting

This is the second last stage, which is basically a revision of all the work you have done. You can have as many revisions as you need. These are important because you want to make sure you come up with the best possible result such that your client will not need to change his or her logo every other time. Polishing up is also a part of this stage. This is where you confirm that your logo is in line with the brief and that it stands out from other logos in the market.

Stage VI

6 Easy Stages Of Logo Design - Making Logo Designs Interesting

This is the final stage. It is the presentation stage. When the logo is completed, show it to your client to see if they would like any changes made. Explain to your client why you designed the logo the way you did, the significance of the graphics as well as the colors. This will help the client understand the concept behind the logo.

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