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Alan Becker is a designer and animator close to our heart, we’ve been following him since the first animator vs. animation battle. He’s a clear out of the box thinker and puts in a lot of effort into his work to create a seamless and kick ass action animation. Thus far he has created three animations about the crazy battle between the animator and the animation.

He used Macromedia Flash Professional 8 and lately chagned to Adobe Flash CS 5 to create his work. He was even kind enough to create a video with tutorials on how he created it, watch it here.

Without further ado, we give you a gem in the animation community, Alan becker with his “Animator vs Animation” series, they are set out in a storyline, so start from the beginning

Animator vs. Animation 1

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 Animator vs. Animation 2

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Animator vs. Animation 3

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Alan Becker’s Site

Ruan Smit

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