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Graffiti a form of expression

Graffiti is mostly commonly known as a form of vandalism, where misfit youth take over public spaces with gang signs and large pictures made with spray paint. In the 21st century it has evolved into a professional art form that is admired across the world. Today we see that graffiti is an art form where people can express their feelings and thoughts that are able to leave a long lasting impression on a city. This often borders on vandalism when done on private or public property.

A style of their own

Graffiti artists usually have their own style and mark that goes along with their creation. There are a few artists that have become famous around the world; some of their art work sells for thousands of pounds, all of which goes to charity as their identity is kept a secret. One of the best known graffiti artists is Banksy. His work is controversial and provokes the attention of the media and government; it often portrays exactly what is happening in society. Banksy and other famous graffiti artists still do their work at night with very tight time limits, they prepare with stencils in the day so the work can go faster. They are still able to produce some amazing work, while working in the dark with a sense of being caught at any minute. No one can say that it is not art. Here are some examples of his work:

If graffiti is used in a positive light to highlight important issue in society we should all try to respect it for the talent and message that comes with it. We should try understand their point of view and what they are trying to say through the art. Most people today, including older generations have learned to accept this form of art that was once the worst form of vandalism.

Big Brands using graffiti

Many big brands and celebrities are endorsing famous graffiti artist’s work, and getting them to paint in their homes and in stores, with personalised designs. This has also helped build up a positive name for the artists. Art museums are even starting to represent some graffiti work in exhibitions.

Due to the rise in popularity, graffiti is becoming something that more and more people want to learn to do and possibly make money from. To do this you would have to start from scratch and learn the basic. For those that have been practising graffiti for some time, you would have to recognise the difference between vandalism and art work in order to sell your art.

Knowing the difference between vandalism and art

Graffiti provides a voice for people in society who also want to be heard. Often in some third world countries the media is not allowed to portray what is really going on in the country. Graffiti then becomes the number one way to express their feelings and emotions, as well as let the world know what is really going on. In first world countries graffiti often makes fun of political issues such as this image saying ‘stop bush’.

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Nicole De Freitas is a motivational speaker by trade and enjoys nothing more than creating motivational inspirational speeches to inspire people around her to be the best they can be.

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