The Hobbit:Unexpected journey - Dwarves Cheat sheet
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For those who haven’t seen The Hobbit yet I would highly recommend you do! It stays true to the book and has a few extra additions which doesn’t deviate too much from the book. The graphic are amazingly done as you’ll see with the Goblin King and Smeagul…but we’ll say no more! Other than the cheatsheet we also found this great image of the dwarves by David O Connell.

David O Connell-13 Dwarves-the hobbit-Pixelsmithstudios

13 Dwarves by David O Connell

Enjoy this awesome Dwarves Cheat sheet we found at LOTRProject.com, since you’ll definitely need some help in identifying the dwarves names.


The Hobbit Dwarves Cheat sheet

The Hobbit Dwarves Cheat Sheet


A great Goblin King piece by David Wentzel

Goblin King_the Hobbit_David Wentzel_Pixelsmithstudios

“Goblin King” The Hobbit


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