How to get started as a Comic Book Artist

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Whether you’re itching to write your own comic, draw your own comic, or draw comics for someone else’s story – you need to get started somewhere.


That’s why there are so many artists today, who have found ways of illustrating and building characters, worlds and beasts, and have built lessons around that, in ways that are more relevant to us in the times we find ourselves. One such individual is Ed Foychuk.

It goes without saying that you need to be able to at least draw people, environments and then sequence them into panels, in order to convey a story in comic book format.

Over the course of the last few years, Neal has purchased some of the courses from How To Draw Comics, hosted by Ed.

In this article, you will find the links you need to all of Ed Foychuks courses, in order to start your training in order to become a comic book artist.


We can’t recommend these courses enough, especially since one of our own members has learnt a lot of what he knows now, from these courses.

We recommend you look at these courses to start with, before moving on to more complex themes like making a full comic book.

How to Draw Perspective & Backgrounds:


How to Draw Anatomy:


How to Draw Faces:


How to Draw Animals:



Drawing and Designing Creatures, Monsters, Aliens and Legends:


How to Render Comics:


How to Make Comics:


We will always recommend that you keep a supplementary copy of Andrew Loomis’ books, Figure Drawing for All it’s Worth and Successful Drawing, at hand when learning anything illustration related, his books have laid a solid foundation of which you’ll see a lot of material built off in today’s world, but his books aren’t that simple to follow at times as they were written quite long ago.

And when taking that further into comics, we will always recommend you purchase a copy of Framed Ink 2: Frame Format, Energy, and Composition for Visual Storytellers and Framed Perspective Vol1 and Framed Perspective vol2 on your bookshelf.


So without further ado, go forth and draw!

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