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On my daily browsing routine I happened to stumble on Dreamworks site and noticed a small banner featuring “How to train your dragon- Live Spectacular”. It looked interesting enough and I clicked on it, and wow was I amazed! Real Dragons!

How to train your dragon Live Spectacular_Pixelsmithstudios

Dreamworks animation studio and Nigel Jamieson (Director and old Theatre Guru) came together and produced this amazing show. The best feature about this show is the life sized DRAGONS, yes! Real looking, fire breathing dragons. I cant believe I haven’t seen this anywhere on the web before, these things look so realistic it’s mind boggling as to how the art directors, designers and specialists did it. Watch the video here =D

How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

If you want to read more about this show and who the actors, directors and designers are you should go to their site, DreamWorks Dragons Live.


Written by Ruan Smit

Ruan Smit started Pixelsmithstudios with the vision of creating a new design orientated environment of sharing, learning and expertise development amongst local Animators,Illustrators,Game Developers and VFX artists in South Africa.