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Best Procreate Brush Pack Bundles: Create Your Digital Toolkit

Best Procreate Brush Pack Bundles: Create Your Digital Toolkit

Procreate Brush Pack Bundles are the best way to start building your digital art kit. Not only do you save money, but you get to experiment with so many different brushes.

While the app does come with plenty of incredible brushes, there are some mediums that they don’t have down just yet. That’s why plenty of creators have started making their own brushes to fill in those gaps.

And, you can get your hands on those brushes to bring your ideas to life. We’ve played around with plenty of brush packs and can honestly say it’s worthwhile.

So, let’s dive into the best Procreate brush set bundles out there.

Most Versatile Procreate Brush Bundle

Our top pick for the most versatile Procreate brush kit is the Procreate Brushes Bundle from MiksKS. We adore this creator, and we’ve recommended plenty of her sets in our brush reviews. This collection includes over 400 different brushes and a variety of mediums.

Top Affordable Procreate Brush Set

The most affordable Procreate Brush Set bundle is the Procreate Bundle 95% OFF. It includes over 1000 brushes and is the most budget-friendly option on this list. It features brushes, stickers, and stamps to speed up your creative workflow.

bundle procreate pack

Top Procreate Brush Packs

For a collection of the best Procreate brush pack bundles, check out our list below. We’ve included our picks for the best brush sets. Whether you’re looking for value for money, more affordable options, or a range of different mediums, we’ve got you covered.

Procreate Brushes Bundle

procreate brushes bundle

  • Type: Variety Brush Pack
  • Price: $$
  • Includes 400+ brushes

If you’re looking for the perfect starter brush bundle, the Procreate Brushes Bundle is a great choice. It’s got all the basics you’ll need. From charcoal and inking to pencil brushes and watercolor, all your bases will be covered in this pack. Plus, it also includes sketching, stippling, and smudge brushes.

This pack is affordable and offers great value for money. Out of all the collections we tried, this one was by far the most versatile for digital artists.

Have a look at the brushes included in the bundle:

  • Charcoal brushes
  • Cross Hatching brushes
  • Engraving brushes
  • Glitch brushes
  • Grain brushes
  • Grain volume 2 brushes
  • Grunge brushes
  • Grunge texture brushes
  • Grunge Toolbox brushes
  • Halftone brushes
  • Inking brushes
  • Ink brushes
  • Ink stamp brushes
  • Ink & paint brushes
  • Ink splatter brushes
  • Ink splatter brushes Vol. II
  • Inktober brushes
  • Lens flares brushes
  • Lights brushes
  • Neon brushes
  • Paint brushes
  • Pattern brushes
  • Pencil & charcoal brushes
  • Rake brushes
  • Sketching brushes
  • Smudge brushes
  • Space brushes
  • Stippling brushes
  • Watercolor brushes
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The Lettering Brush Bundle

lettering brush bunde

  • Type: Lettering Brushes
  • Price: $$
  • Includes 30 Brushes

If you love hand-lettering, you’ll be absolutely obsessed with this bundle of lettering brushes. The variety is incredible, and we can’t get enough of this kit. We’ve played around with all of them, and let’s just say we’re impressed.

These brushes are easy to use and make hand lettering on Procreate a lot of fun. With 30 brushes to play with, ranging from fine script to grungey, there truly are endless possibilities. This bundle consists of three of Cynlop Ink’s lettering brushes at a discounted price.


  • Cynligraphy
  • Script Pencil
  • Felt Marker
  • Flat Brush
  • Streakie
  • Scratchie
  • Versatile
  • Quickie
  • Halo
  • Brush Marker
  • Grimes
  • Thick Water
  • Soft Pencil
  • Silk
  • Shaded
  • Monoline Felt Marker
  • Hi-Lite
  • Diluted
  • Gleam
  • Biggie
  • Scratchy
  • Frayed
  • Suave
  • Gritty Ink
  • Fat Grunge
  • Grainz
  • Chipped
  • Scuffed
  • Worn Out
  • Market Streak
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1000+ Elements and Procreate Stamps

procreate stamps brush set

  • Type: Clip art and stamps for Procreate
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes over 90 Procreate brush sets with 1000+ elements

Let your creativity run wild with this collection of over 90 different Procreate brush sets. Using stamps in Procreate is a great way to speed up the artist process, leaving more time for you to flex your skills on the more challenging aspects.

In this set, you’ll find over 1000 Procreate stamps as well as PNG/clipart elements. Ranging from animals to foliage and even mystical elements, we loved playing around and exploring all the different options.

Some of the packs included are:

  • Tea for Two
  • Portraits
  • When Life Gives You Lemons
  • Camping in the Woods
  • Princess
  • Logo Elements
  • Bad to the Bone
  • Pots
  • Self Love
  • Magic
  • New Years Eve
  • Fortune Teller
  • Winter Clothes
  • Insects
  • Arctic Animals
  • Valentine
  • Moon Magic
  • Circus
  • Zodiac Constellations
  • Winter Foliage
  • Woodland
  • Hand Icons
  • Angel
  • Cowgirl
  • Mushroom
  • Jungle
  • Plants
  • Christmas
  • Birds
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Procreate Mega Graffiti Brush Pack! (All In One)

mega procreate brush pack

  • Type: Graffiti brushes
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes 720+ graffiti brushes

We’re huge fans of graffiti and couldn’t wait to try this Mega Pack of Graffiti Brushes for Procreate. And needless to say, we weren’t disappointed.

The unique range of brushes allows us to express ourselves while working on our drawing skills. We especially loved the calligraffiti brushes, and the tagger stamps really sped up our workflow. Plus, there are also letters, templates, workbooks, and worksheets included, which helped us work on our style.

In this brush set for Procreate, you’ll find:

  • Outline Calligraffiti Brushes v 2.0
  • Dirty Letters 3 Graffiti Brush Pack
  • Love Letters Calligraffiti Brush Pack
  • Hell Raiser Brush Pack
  • Sick Letters Brush Pack
  • Dope Markers Brush Pack
  • Dirty INK – Ruling Pen Calligraphy
  • Cannabis Letters Brush Pack
  • Real Paper Texture
  • Evil Letters – 2 Calligraphy Alphabets
  • Fat Caps Letters Stamps
  • Handstyle Tagger Stamps for Procreate
  • Throw Up Letters & Numbers
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The Creator’s Oasis Procreate Bundle

creators oasis procreate bundle

  • Type: Variety Brush Pack
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes 2700+ items

Inspired by the nine muses of arts and music in Greek mythology, The Creator’s Oasis is a unique mega bundle of brushes for Procreate.

Channel the creativity of old masters, find inspiration, study their techniques, and express your artistic skills digitally. Not only does this kit include 159 brushes, but it also comes with 2,400 color swatches and over 140 paper and canvas textures to help you bring your ideas to life.

The Creator’s Oasis is made up of:

  • Thalia Procreate Kit
  • Melpomene Procreate Kit
  • Clio Procreate Kit
  • Euterpe Procreate Kit
  • Calliope Procreate Kit
  • Terpsichore Procreate Kit
  • Polyhymnia Procreate Kit
  • Erato Procreate Kit
  • Urania Procreate Kit
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Procreate Brush Megapack

megapack brushes for procreate

  • Type: Variety Brush Pack
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes 529 Procreate Brushes

Falling in love with this Procreate Brush Megapack was easy. It’s no secret that we adore watercolor brushes, but this kit really impressed us with its Oil Brushes — and Alcohol Marker Brushes as well.

These brush packs use pressure sensitivity, working beautifully with the Apple Pencil to create digital masterpieces.

The set includes:

  • 124 Watercolor Brushes
  • 89 Oil Brushes
  • 122 Gouache Brushes
  • 95 Alcohol Marker Brushes
  • 89 Paper Texture
  • 10 Canvas Texture Brushes
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Mega Bundle Brush Pack Procreate

mega bundle procreate kit

  • Type: Variety Brush Pack
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes 112 Procreate brushes

Embrace your inner artist with this collection of Procreate Brushes, Artists Who Changed the World. With this kit, you can mimic the style of master painters like Henri Matisse, Cezanne, and Botticelli.

We had plenty of fun playing with the tools of artists we learned about in school, plus we got some amazing results. This kit not only comes with over 100 brushes, but it also has 4,410 color swatches to truly emulate the old masters.

Plus, the creators have included a Spotify Playlist link to help you get in the zone.

In this bundle, you’ll find:

  • Botticelli’s Procreate Brushes
  • Cezanne’s Procreate Brushes
  • Albrecht Dürer Procreate Brushes
  • Gustave Courbet’s Procreate Brushes
  • Pieter Bruegel Procreate Brushes
  • Wassily Kandinsky Procreate Brushes
  • Henri Matisse Procreate Brushes
  • Titian’s Procreate Brushes
  • Eugène Delacroix’s Procreate Brushes

The creator of this kit also offers some free Procreate brushes.

These include:

  • Ink brushes
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Pencil brushes
  • Dotting patterns
  • Oil brushes

You can download them here.

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Procreate Brush Bundle

procreate brush bundle

  • Type: Variety Brush Pack
  • Price: $$
  • Includes 113 Procreate brushes

We adore experimenting with different mediums, which made this Procreate Brush Bundle right up our alley. From oil pastel crayons to watercolor brushes, the 9 different brush packs in this collection are incredible.

At Pixelsmith Studios, we’re always looking for digital brushes that mimic the real thing. Faber Co. creates all their brush sets from handmade textures, which they then take into Procreate. We especially loved playing around with the marker brushes; they create such a cool effect when combined with paper textures.

Include in this set is: 

  • 14 Watercolor Brushes
  • 13 Marker Brushes
  • 15 Watercolor Splatter Brushes
  • 10 Skratch Brushes
  • 10 Dry Ink Brushes
  • 10 Grunge Brushes
  • 10 Oil Pastel Brushes
  • 15 Grain Brushes
  • 16 Gouache Brushes
  • BONUS: 2 paper textures (A3 size)
  • BONUS: 5 Procreate Color Palettes
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2500+ Procreate Brushes

2500 procreate brushes

  • Type: Variety Brush Pack
  • Price: $$
  • Includes over 2500 Procreate brushes

As far as Procreate brush packs go, this collection of 2500+ Procreate Brushes offers incredible value for money. It features enough brushes to allow loads of experimentation, flexibility, and a whole lot of fun.

With this set, you’ll have all the brushes you could possibly want, and a whole lot more. From photo manipulation effects to shapes and lines, get ready to take your Procreate experience to a whole new level. In this pack, you’ll also find fire and smoke brushes, nature brushes, and abstract and decoration.

But our favorite collection is the technology brushes. Not only are they incredibly unique, but we got super inspired by the blueprint brushes and all they could do.

In this set, you’ll find:

  • 68 Dust Brushes
  • 60 Bokeh Effect Procreate Brushes
  • 83 Light and Burst Procreate Brushes
  • 64 Lighting Procreate Brushes
  • 100 Retro Flower Ornaments
  • 34 Tattoo Line Procreate Brushes
  • 170 Line Ornaments
  • 22 Scary Illustration Procreate Brushes
  • 80 Smoke and Fire Procreate Brushes
  • 140 Smoke Tube Brushes
  • 33 Fireball Brushes
  • 21 Ring Of Fire Procreate Brushes
  • 50 Bark Texture Procreate Brushes
  • 39 Bark Crack Procreate Brushes
  • 52 Blubber Procreate Brushes
  • 38 Water Splash Procreate Brushes
  • 100 Cloud Procreate Brushes
  • 31 Cloud Stroke Procreate Brushes
  • 102 Lightning Procreate Brushes
  • 100 Blueprint Brushes
  • 100 Wireframe Procreate Brushes
  • 100 Circuit Procreate Brushes
  • 150 Crosshair Procreate Brushes
  • 70 Gears Procreate Brushes
  • 70 Wheels Procreate Brushes
  • 70 Combinations of Gears and Wheels Brushes
  • 55 Gear Connectors Procreate Brushes
  • 52 Complex Futuristic Circle Procreate Brushes
  • 198 Simple Futuristic Circle Procreate Brushes
  • 99 Radial Designs Procreate Brushes
  • 36 Combined Radial Designs Procreate Brushes
  • 25 Decorative Wave Procreate Brushes
  • 93 Fractal Decoration Procreate Brushes
  • 21 Artistic Grunge Procreate Brushes
  • 39 Flower Ornament Brushes
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Procreate Pack: Animal Brushes

animal brush set for procreate

  • Type: Animal Brushes
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes 592 animal stamp brushes

If you draw a lot of animals on Procreate, this Animal Brush Pack is an absolute must. We’re completely obsessed with the two butterfly packs; the details are stunning, and we had plenty of fun playing around with these. They can be used as stencils or starting points for illustrations.

This pack is a little pricey, but it is definitely worthwhile. Plus, this collection is absolutely awesome if you’re a tattoo artist, making it super easy to make designs and focus on the elements that matter.

This brush bundle includes the following animal stamps:

  • Butterflies (x2 packs)
  • Fish
  • Snakes (x2 packs)
  • Horses
  • Unicorns (x2 packs)
  • Cute animals
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Procreate Portrait Face Brushes

procreate portrait face brushes pack

  • Type: Portrait Stamp Brushes
  • Price: $$$
  • Includes 585 stamp brushes

Get ready to completely simplify drawing portraits with this bundle of Procreate Portrait Brushes. Whether you’re looking for eye stamps or portrait brushes, these stamps will help you draw even more accurate faces with ease.

You can either use them as stencils or use the smudging brush to blend them in. We absolutely adore this set, and it’s well worth the price.

Included in this pack are:

  • Eyes brushes
  • Lashes brushes
  • Eyebrow brushes
  • Nose brushes (x2)
  • Elf ear brushes
  • Portrait guide brushes
  • Lips brushes
  • Face brushes
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Procreate Bundle 70% OFF

big bundle of procreate brushes

  • Type: Variety Brush Pack
  • Price: $
  • Includes 340+ Brushes

When it comes to illustration and lettering, this Procreate Bundle is a must-have. It includes inks, lettering, and textures. It also includes wet or dry media brushes.

In this pack, you’ll find the following brush sets for Procreate:

  • Acrylic Brushes
  • Watercolor Brushes
  • Gouache Brushes
  • Oil Paint Brushes
  • Paint Pen Brushes
  • Ink Brushes
  • Pixel Art Toolkit
  • Halftone Texture Brushes
  • Lettering Brushes
  • Oil Pastel Brushes
  • Seamless Pattern Brushes
  • Grit Texture Brushes
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What is Procreate?

If you haven’t heard of Procreate yet, you’re in for a treat. Procreate is an IOS-specific drawing app that has taken digital drawing to a whole new level. The app completely transforms your iPad into one of the most competitive drawing tools out there.

You can buy Procreate on the app store for USD $9.99. It’s a once-off purchase, and you won’t be bombarded with in-app purchases or ads.

You can also experiment with Procreate on your iPhone with Procreate Pocket.

And if you’re into video editing, you can test on the newest addition to the Procreate family, Procreate Dreams.

Just a heads up, the Procreate apps don’t work on Android devices just yet.

brush packs for procreate

Where to Find Free Procreate Brush Packs

If you’re looking for free Procreate brush packs, you may be able to find some by performing a search online. However, for professional artists, we definitely recommend buying brushes.

However, Creative Market has weekly free goods that sometimes include free Procreate brushes. We’ve gotten our hands on a couple of really good brush packs this way.

Final Thoughts on Brush Packs for Procreate

brush bundles procreate

Procreate brush bundles offer great value for money if you’re looking to create an incredible, versatile digital toolkit. Whether you’re looking for a specialized brush collection or a kit that includes all the basics you need to start, these products offer something incredible.

So fetch your iPad and your Apple Pencil, open up Procreate, and start making digital magic!

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Matt is about 80% nerd, 10% writer, 10% animal lover. His love for PC’s started at the tender age of 4 and his love for animation and motion graphics fairly soon after. You can normally find him behind a computer screen or playing with his dog Rusty.